10 lektioner…

maj 1, 2008

… som vi kan lära oss av barnen:

  1. Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a New Day.
  2. Sometimes it’s Better to Make Up Your Own Rules.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Enthusiasm. 
  4. Feel your emotions fully.
  5. Walk On Walls Whenever Your Have The Chance.
  6. Sometimes you have to do it alone (even if there’s someone right there who could help you).
  7. Know When to Ask For Help.
  8. Don’t be attached to what you painted yesterday (or 2-seconds ago).
  9. Singing Makes Everything Better.
  10. Dance like no one’s watching (even when you’ve made sure that everyone is!)

Detta har jag läst hos Evolving Times och är skrivet av Edward Mills



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